The Royal Country Club of Tangier is a sports club. The practice of golf is the main activity. The practice of other sporting or recreational activities within the RCCT is subject to the authorization of the office.


The RCCT is made up of active members and honorary members.

Active members are members who pay an annual subscription, the amount of which is fixed by the office.

Honorary members are those admitted by the association because of the exceptional moral, social or material services rendered to the RCCT.


Before playing a stroke or making a trial move, the player must ensure that no one is near or likely to be hit by the club, ball, stones, gravel, twigs or other objects of the same nature that can be projected during the execution of the stroke or movement.

They are not obliged to pay a contribution (Art. VII of the statutes).


The RCCT is governed and administered by an office elected by the general meeting (Article XIII of the bylaws)

The office may appoint for the internal administration of the club any necessary personnel and in particular, a director whose attributions are fixed by said office (Article XIV of the statutes).

The board may also appoint any commissions that it deems useful and necessary for the smooth running of the association.

The composition, powers and powers of the committees are fixed by the Bureau.

Each commission meets as often as necessary upon convocation by its chairman or the secretary general of the bureau;

Commissions are mandatorily chaired by a member of the board.

The President and the Secretary General are ex-officio members of all commissions.


Candidates for membership to the RCCT must be sponsored by two members with at least two years of seniority, up to date of their dues.

Membership can be individual or family. In the latter case, it extends exclusively to the head of the family, his spouse and their children.

Applications for membership are made in writing to the office that accepts or refuses admission without having to justify its decision;

Admission as a member implies full and unreserved respect for the club’s statutes and rules of procedure.

The quality of member is lost by death, resignation, exclusion for violation of the present statutes or acts prejudicial to the association as well as in case of non payment of the contribution during two consecutive years.

Through the Disciplinary Committee, the Board exercises disciplinary action against members of the club convicted of failing to comply with the statutes of the RCCT, its rules of procedure and the rules of ethics.

The disciplinary sanctions are:

– the warning

– the temporary prohibition of access to the course

– temporary exclusion

– the final exclusion with cancellation of affiliation.

Disciplinary sanctions are taken by the Disciplinary Committee after hearing the person concerned alone or in the presence of his or her sponsors.

Disciplinary sanctions may be taken, without hearing, after two (2) unsuccessful convocations of the interested party by registered letter.

The sanctioned member may appeal the measure taken against him to the board within seven (7) days from the date of notification of the decision of the Disciplinary Committee by registered letter.

Disciplinary decisions taken by the board are appealed and can not, by express agreement, give rise to any legal action.

The office is empowered to take provisional disciplinary measures pending the decisions of the Disciplinary Committee.

In case of resignation or exclusion, the contribution of the year is due.


Active members of the association are required to pay an annual fee fixed by the board including the annual license fee – insurance for the F.R.M.G. This contribution, which is used to cover the running costs of the association, is imperatively payable before the end of March of each year.

All active members practicing or not golfing are subject to the payment of the same fee.

For new members, the amount of the contribution depends on the date of admission:

– full annual subscription when the admission date is between January and June.

– half of the annual subscription when the admission date is between July and December.

The annual license fee-federal insurance is paid in full regardless of the date of admission.

Newly admitted members are also required to pay a registration fee fixed by the board. This right applies only to adults.

Fixed fees are fixed by the office and concern the children of the members:

– From 7 to 12 years old: 500 Dh

– From 12 to 18 years old: 1500 Dh

but are obliged to pay the cost of the federal insurance license.


The free access to the RCCT and its facilities is reserved for members who are up to date with their membership fees.

Players who are not members of the RCCT are individually admitted to the club for the payment of the gree-fee, on the condition that they justify membership in another golf club and a handicap of at least:

– 30 for men

– 36 for women

Only non-resident players in Tangier enjoy the green fee.

Access to the club of groups of players is subject to the agreement of the office.

Weekly or monthly green fee packages can be provided for non-residents in Tangier.

The price of green fees is set by the office.

Members are entitled to three (3) invitations not giving access to the course.

These invitations are payable on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Only adult members have the right of invitation.

The price of invitations is set by the office.

Guest membership cards may be granted within the office to anyone who may provide moral or material support to the RCCT.


Respect for the golf etiquette and the general rules of decency and fair play is a must in the RCCT.

Decent attire and behavior are required.

The practice of the walk is tolerated to the charge for the walkers not to expose themselves to the danger and not to constitute an inconvenience for the players.

They must keep a good distance from the players and watch the silence as they pass.

The use of the mobile phone is tolerated provided that it does not inconvenience other players. This use is strictly prohibited during competitions.

The use of bicycles, skates; skates, scooters and others are permitted only in designated areas. Noisy or dangerous machines are dangerous are forbidden to access.

The circulation and parking of cars must obey discipline and be neither danger nor inconvenience. Traffic at a suitable speed is maximum of 20 km / hour.

Access for cats and dogs, even on a leash, is prohibited in the club grounds.

The responsibility of the club can not be engaged in case of accident resulting from the non respect of the provisions of the preceding paragraphs.

Any accident involving material or bodily harm likely to incur the liability of the RCCT must be reported immediately to the club secretary.


Access to the course tacitly implies compliance with the rules governing the practice of golf and etiquette, as defined in Article 9.

The wearing of a proper golf attire is mandatory, under penalty of prohibition of access to the course.

Access to the course of players under the age of fifteen days under the age of fifteen (15) is only allowed if their handicap is equal to or less than:

– 30 for men

– 36 for women

Beginning members are only allowed to complete a course after having fulfilled the following conditions:

– justify at least 20 golf lessons,

– have completed at least 5 courses with a teacher

– have the authorization of the sports commission which must also inquire about the member’s knowledge of golf rules and ethics.

Golf instructors are required to have a practice log detailing the day and time of golf lessons and the names of the members who have benefited from them. This notebook can be consulted at any time by the sports commission.

Training is prohibited on the course. Players must use the spaces reserved for this purpose. The use on the course of more than one ball by players is considered a training and is therefore strictly prohibited.

It is forbidden to play with the shoes of the city and to circulate the carts on the departures and the greens and the golf cars outside the paths reserved for this purpose.

Each player is responsible for repairing damage to the course, including:

– the restoration of divots torn off

– the repair of the pitches on the greens

– the raking of the traces in the bunker.

Departures are designated by the colored pads:

– Whites: Professionals and national series Men

– Yellow: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Series Men

– Red: all ladies series

Players are allowed to ride only if accompanied by a caddy unless otherwise provided by the office.

It is strictly forbidden for 2 or more players to access the course with a single golf bag.

On busy days, including weekends, public holidays and during the month of Ramadan, four-ball games are strongly recommended and sometimes compulsory.

The starter or the attendant, acting, is the only authority to decide the number of players to constitute a party.

A stewardship commissioner may be mandated by the board to ensure compliance with the conditions of access to the course, the label and rules laid down by the rules of procedure.

The caddies must be paid immediately after the end of the game in order to avoid loss of time that is harmful to other users.

Cartons are forbidden to give lessons to members.

The caddy-master is responsible for the proper handling of caddies and their assignment in accordance with the written instructions he receives from the office.

Under pain of suspension or exclusion, caddies must:

– have a good presentation,

– to behave irreproachably on the course,

– refrain from influencing the court of a game by touching or moving the ball,

Any situation that contravenes the above must be reported to the office.


The golf etiquette implies respect for the rules of decency and courteous behavior towards other players.

Safety: Before playing a stroke or making a trial move, the player must ensure that no one is near or risk being hit by the club, ball, stones, gravel, twigs or other objects of the same nature that can be projected during the execution of the stroke or movement.

Respect for other players: The player with the honor must be able to play before his opponent or fellow-competitor has raised his ball. Nobody needs to move, talk, stand near or directly behind the ball or hole when a player hits the ball or performs a shot? No player shall play until the players who precede him are out of reach.

Play rate: In the interest of all, players must play without delay. Players looking for a ball must signal to the players who follow them to pass as soon as it becomes clear that the ball will not be easy to find. They should not search more than five minutes before proceeding. They must not resume play until the players who follow them are past and out of range. Players should immediately leave the green when they have finished playing a hole. If a party fails to keep their interval on the court and loses more than one free hole on the players preceding it, they must invite the next party to pass.

Priority on the field: Unless otherwise specified, two-ball games must have the priority and the right to play any three-ball or four-ball game, which must invite them to pass. A single player has no rights in the field and should miss any other game.

Weekends and holidays, the parties having priority:

part of 4 players

part of 3 players

part of 2 players

Any part playing a complete turn (18 holes) has the right to pass a game playing an incomplete tour (9 holes).


The competitions organized at the RCCT are under the aegis of the FRMG and obey the rules governing the practice of golf.

The sports organization of competitions is the responsibility of the committee, which may delegate all or part of its prerogatives to an organizing committee.

The office defines and establishes the rules of the competitions. These rules must not in any case contravene the golf rules as laid down by the FRMG.

Only players who have received the endorsement of the sports commission can take by competitions. Previously, they must have returned at least 10 scorecards signed by a pro or a player with at least a handicap of 12.

The top 5 scores will be retained for the assignment of the handicap.

The list of competitions registration is stopped the day before each competition, at 12 hours at the latest, term of rigor.

A responsible player is designated for each game. The player responsible is the one with the lowest handicap among the players of the game.

The board may, if necessary, mandate an arbitrator to resolve questions of fact and to apply the rules of golf. He will intervene on any infraction of a rule which he will notice or which will be reported to him.

The decision of the arbitrator is final.

In the absence of an arbitrator, any dispute or doubtful point about the rules must be submitted to the office whose decision is final.

Delays at the start of a competition are sanctioned by exclusion.

Any player registered in a competition and absent without having informed at least 12 hours in advance the sports commission of his absence is automatically suspended for the following competition.

Access to the course of players not participating in a competition is prohibited during the course of this one. Out-of-competition players should contact the secretariat to inquire about when they can access the course.


No competition may be held at the RCCT without the express written agreement of the office.

The organization of any competition is the sole authority of the office.

Natural or legal persons wishing to sponsor a competition must fulfill the conditions prescribed by specifications drawn up by the office.

The awards ceremony for the winners of the competitions must take place within the RCCT except in cases of force majeure or derogation granted by the Bureau.


At any time, the people in the club can be justified in justifying their quality and the regularity of their situation with regard to the club.

Anyone caught offending may be asked to leave the club grounds and subsequent entry may be refused.

Children under 10 years old are only admitted to the club if they are accompanied by their parents or an adult member of the club. In any case, they must not be delivered to themselves in the club.

The club declines all responsibility for abandoned, lost or misplaced objects.

The cloakroom attendants only respond to the effects and objects entrusted personally to their vigilance.

Members may entrust the custody of their golf equipment to the caddy-master provided that the golf bag is marked with the name of the owner and its contents verified contradictorily after each trip to prevent any dispute.

Monday is the closing day of the club.


The office is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the club and compliance with its rules of procedure, in accordance with the provisions of the statutes.

In this order, the office is competent to know and judge any question not provided for by these rules of procedure.