Golf attracts a continuously growing number of followers. Before striding the greens, make sure to read the required key principles in order to practice this noble sport which tends towards the art of living. Courtesy and respect for both other players and for the course itself are substantial rules to abide by in order to play at the best possible conditions.


Before taking a stroke or making a practice swing, the player must ensure that no one is nearby or no is at risk of being struck by the club, ball, rocks, gravel, twigs or any other objects of a similar nature that could be projected up in the air during the execution of the golf shot or the practice swing.

Pace of play

One of the main rules of golf etiquette is to maintain a good and steady pace of play throughout your round. If you perceive that the group behind you is playing at a faster pace, finish the hole normally and wait for that group at the next tee to let them pass through. In everyone’s interest the players should play without delay, they should be ready to play as soon as its their turn, and they should not try to search for a ball for more than five minutes.

The field

If a divot or a patch of grass is snatched off the ground while striking the ball, the player has an obligation to carefully place it back in place once all the players of the group have hit their shot. Similarly, the bunkers must be raked after the shot.